Our Story


Gina’s Wish is a family owned and operated business.  We take great pride in making quality products while providing excellent customer service. Each bottle is hand cut and gently sanded. We only use 100% all natural soy wax which is eco-friendly and clean burning.

My husband, Jim, is the “Official Bottle Cutter”.  He has a 98% “perfect” cut rate.  If a bottle does not pass his inspection than off it goes into the recycle bin.

My twin boys, Tristan and Kyle are the “Official Warehouse Muscle”.  They help pack orders and attend each event to help with set up/break down of the booth.  They are also the creative force behind the company’s name, Gina’s Wish LLC.

In addition, to running the day to day operations, I also gently sand and pour the soy wax into every bottle.  We use repurposed wine, liquor and beer bottles to create a unique product.  Each soy candle is hand made with integrity.

Become part of the family, drink, recycle and enjoy life!