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Jaynie's Love was inspired by the love of a dog and the simple things in life! I will continue to use Jaynie's Story to create awareness to Degenerative Myelopathy in dogs. In addition, with every website purchase a donation will go toward helping pets with medical needs. Our little way of paying it forward.
The Jaynie's Love Collection of glassware showcases Jaynie's very own paw print art, hand carved into the glass using a sand blasting/carbide carving technique. As well as the animal loving community, everyone may also enjoy the complete Jaynie's Love Collection that includes creative serving dishes & wine bottle candles made from repurposed bottles and specialized glassware designs for every taste in mind!
Gina's Wish has partnered with Jaynie's Love.  We pour our soy wax into every Paw Print bottle which has been sand carved by Jaynie's Love.  After your candle is gone the container can be used as a drinking glass.  Jaynie's Love will also sand carve your custom request or add personalization to each bottle.  Anyone who loves candles, animals and wine needs to check out the Jaynie's Love online store!